GSLIS Faculty and Staff

Mix IT Up! GSLIS faculty and staff are committed to supporting development of youth advocacy for a future generation of library students.


Rae-Anne Montague

Rae-Anne Montague is Assistant Professor and School Library Media Program Coordinator at the University of Hawai`i and former Assistant Dean at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her academic interests include education (e.g., inquiry, learning communities, and lis education) and social justice (e.g., critical theory, incarceration, lgbtq affairs, literacy and youth advocacy).   Her recent work emphasizes community engagement, youth advocacy, and global issues in LIS.  Rae is the co-principal investigator (PI) for Mix IT Up! Rae can be contacted at

Kate McDowell

Kate McDowell is an Associate Professor at GSLIS.  Her research interests include the history of children as readers, women’s contributions to librarianship, children’s libraries and print culture, and storytelling. Kate teaches in the area of library services to youth, including youth services librarianship, fantasy literature and media for youth, children’s literature and resources, young adult literature and resources, and storytelling.  Dr. McDowell is currently teaching the experimental new course 490YS, Youth Services Community Engagement, which is under development to further meet the youth-advocacy-related goals of the Mix IT Up! grant

Kate Williams

Kate Williams is an Associate Professor at GSLIS.  Her research interests include community informatics, in particular the relationship between social networks, social capital, and the use of information and communications technology in low-income communities; public libraries as public computing places.

Martin Wolske

Martin Wolske is a Senior Research Scientist with the Center for Digital Inclusion at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His interests revolve around helping to build more inclusive communities through engagement across difference. Since coming to GSLIS in 1995 he has served a range of boundary spanning roles facilitating community collaborations, shepherding engagement projects, developing innovative technical resources, and advocating system change.  His research interests focus particularly on engagement pedagogy; participatory, evidence-based design of public computing spaces to support communities of inquiry; and popular education approaches to digital media literacy training.


Roy Brooks

Roy Brooks is the Practicum Coordinator and Career Specialist at GSLIS. He works directly with students on finding and establishing opportunities to gain experience in the library and information science field. Additionally, Roy assists students in making the transition to professional life through career exploration, identifying pathways to LIS careers and guidance through the application and interviewing process. He has experience working in a variety of libraries including a bookmobile and a undergraduate college library. Roy earned his MLIS and a BA in History from University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Joe Coyle

Joe Coyle is the Project Coordinator for Mix IT Up! He has offered library services at the Champaign County Juvenile Detention Center (CCJDC) since 2009. He also runs a writing program and a digital music production program out of the CCJDC.

To learn more about Mix IT Up!, Joe can be contacted at

Meg Edwards

Meg Edwards is the Advising Coordinator for the MS program and a 2004 alum of GSLIS.  Meg works one-on-one with students to develop personal program plans and course selection, develops and coordinates group advising and other advising programming, collaborates with other GSLIS student affairs staff in areas related to all things student services and serves on GSLIS and campus committees related to advising, curriculum and student affairs.  As an advisor, Meg is interested in working in conjunction with Mix IT Up students to select curriculum that compliments their service work and other grant staff to develop youth advocacy at GSLIS.

Sharon Irish

Sharon Irish is a project coordinator at GSLIS and works with the Mix IT Up! team to manage the IMLS grant. She has worked with the project’s partners for several years and has a broad knowledge of campus faculty and units. She is most excited about having the financial support through this grant to support youth initiatives around their information needs and interests.

Previously Affiliated Staff

Jeanie Austin

Jeanie Austin is a teen librarian at the Asian Branch of the Oakland Public Library and a PhD student. Jeanie’s research interests include power of and access to information and information sharing in radical political movements.  Jeanie has been a juvenile detention center librarian since Fall of 2009.  Jeanie was awarded the Social Justice Award in 2010.

Claire Gross

Claire Gross is currently a youth librarian at the Egleston Branch of the Boston Public Library.

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