The Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center’s  (UNCC) vision is for a healthy, compassionate, progressive community where all children and families have access to services and supports that empowers successful development. To bring that vision into reality, UNCC provides quality educational, social-emotional, spiritual and recreational enrichments to youth and their families within the context of a safe, structured and nurturing environment. Their list of programs include After School Homework & Study Center for grades K-5 and grades 6-12, Winter Break Days, and Summer Camp, along with programs for parents and adults, as well.

Currently, Mix IT Up! is devising a plan to contribute to and enhance the services and activities that UNCC already provides to local children. So far, we have set two ultimate goals for working with the UNCC. The first is to refurbish and upgrade the computers at this site. This project will include general maintenance and clean-up so that the machines run better and faster, installing new educational games and software for the children to use, and may also include installing filters on the computers that will keep the children from accessing inappropriate content while using the computers. The second goal we have set with the UNCC is to create an approved lesson plan that will be used by Mix IT Up! scholars to hold fun but educational sessions with the children in the after school and summer programs. Finally, our third goal is to  work with their book collection to incorporate new reading materials into the existing collection. We also hope to create a system of organization for this collection that will make it easier for children to use the collection and encourage greater use of these resources.

You can learn more about UNCC by visiting their website, located here.


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