Formalizing Advocacy – Dual Certification

Youth advocacy is best learned through a combination od learning concepts and applying them in service contexts. Mix IT Up! will facilitate the development of courses and course sequences that combine theory and practice to teach youth advocacy.  This will build off of the work of professors at GSLIS and in the larger University setting.

Mix IT Up! will develop a dual certification in youth services and community informatics. This dual certificate will institutionalize youth advocacy as an area of study within library science.  It will also facilitate the present work at the University of Illinois around the topic of youth advocacy by creating avenues for faculty from other departments to come to GSLIS as speakers, guests in classes, and as advisers on the Mix IT Up! committee.

In addition to building capacity at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, the dual certificate in youth services and community informatics will provide another option to LIS students who are seeking to showcase their skills in a difficult job market.  Completion of the dual certificate will provide LIS students with professional experience working directly with youth in the course of their degree program.

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