About Mix IT Up!

Mix IT Up! is an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) funded project administered by the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Mix IT Up! aims to increase the information technology (IT) skills of youth and library school students and shift attitudes about the traditional role of librarians and libraries by positioning library and information services at the center of mutually beneficial and dynamic student-community partnerships.

Mix IT Up! will build capacity at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science in four main areas.

1) Creating Praxis – Integrating Course and Field Work

GSLIS students will be able to combine theory and practice through course- and field- work that utilizes their skill sets while providing new opportunities to work with youth and community organizations to met their information related goals.

2) Expanding Library Science – Mix IT Up! Scholars

Mix IT Up! will recruit a total of ten scholars interested in youth advocacy.  These scholars will specialize in community informatics and youth services, and will gain hands on experience working with youth.  Scholars will be primarily recruited from groups currently underrepresented in library science.

3) Formalizing Advocacy – Dual Certification

Mix IT Up! will formalize youth advocacy as an area of specialization within library and information science by making available a dual certificate in youth services and community informatics.

4) Reciprocating Development – GSLIS and Community Organizations

Mix IT Up! will facilitate the placement of scholars in organizations focused on youth services.  These long-term placements will provide students with opportunity to gain extensive hands-on experience in youth advocacy while supporting community organizations in meeting their goals.

Mix IT Up! will build institutional capacity while supporting community organizations through the development of courses and course tracks, the recruitment and mentoring of ten scholars, and through long-term committed student placements in community organizations.  Mix IT Up! will create leaders who can transfer their experience into post-graduate placements, will increase the twenty-first century skills of future librarians, will increase diversity in library and information sciences, and will provide avenues for increasing collaboration between similar but distinct areas of research related to youth advocacy.


Contact Mix IT Up!

Rae Montague, Principal Investigator



Joe Coyle, Project Coordinator


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