Working with Sankofa at Franklin Middle School

Working with Sankofa at Franklin Middle School has been a very unique experience. During my time working with Sankofa I truly believe that I have been able to make a real impact on many of the students’ lives. I believe that the children really enjoy being able to work with someone that they can easily relate to. Since starting, I have been able to lead two specific groups called First Lego League, and Chicago Debate league. Also, before working with the groups, I am able to help tutor many of the students with their math, science, english homework. While working with two groups the children are exposed to different aspects of life that many of student may not have otherwise been exposed to. First, looking at First Lego League (FLL) the children are exposed to STEM and the many different things that can be achieved in the field. Many of the children are surprised about what all can be done with science and engineering. As the children learn more about all of the opportunities available we hope that the students will carry their interests all the way through to colleges. Next, working with the Chicago Debate league program, we get a unique opportunity to have the children think about arguing in a different way. The student are also able to research, which is something that many students had not otherwise thought about doing. By doing research on the topics that that are relevant to the debate the students were able to place 18th as a team, with one student placing 7th overall as a student. Finally, I look forward to the continuing success of the program and the growth of the students.

-Jerrod Moore


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