The Digital Storytelling Workshop

The 7th grade ESL students at Jefferson Middle School completed an eight week digital storytelling workshop that I was lucky enough to instruct. The workshop was designed to guide students in the exploration of storytelling through the use of multi-media tools. The workshop was an inquiry- based learning program that included lessons on writing, photography,video,computer animation, audio recording and editing. The overall objective was to have the students incorporate their own skills and experiences with those newly learned skills, to create their own perception of their environment and themselves. 

The class completed three stages of the digital story process, pre-production, production, and distribution. Under pre- production the students wrote their narrative story. They created storyboards that illustrated what they wrote. They also gathered and organized all their media resources. In the production phase, students began to create visual media from their storyboards. This included video recording, online photo searches and drawings. All their work was then transferred to Windows Live Movie Maker to begin the editing process. The students  finalized their digital story by selecting their music and recording their voice over with a digital audio recorder. In the last phase, their completed stories were presented to their peers and distributed on the Mix It Up youtube channel. In conclusion, I believe that the workshop creates an awareness of the importance of diversity among peers, thereby allowing themselves and others to become  an effective community member.

–Ana Ortega

To see more digital storytelling video got to the mixitup lis (youtube channel)

or click the individual links to see each digital story



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