Tap In , Mixit Up, and Franklin MS

Tap In Academy at Franklin Middle School.
These videos represent two activities that Tap in Scholars have a chance to participate in, one is cooking and the other is photography. The cooking portion allows them to systematically follow procedures that result in a tasty treat , on the contrary, the photography portion is unsystematic which focuses on their instinctive creativity. The two seemly contradictory lessons make a valuable contribution to the development of their education. (One contribution is team work.)
I share with the students my multi- media pre and post production experience. The main goal is simple, learn by play . Another goal is to make technology less intimidating and fun to explore. Students are using professional to semi-professional SLR cameras to take still photos and short videos. A professional digital audio recorder with shotgun mic to record ambient sounds and interviews and Windows Live Movie Maker to edit their video. All work is published on their weekly blog. http://tapinsnapshot.wordpress.com/
By the way all the photographs,videos, and audio recordings were produced by the Franklin MS’ Snapshooters.
–Ana O.


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