Every day at Tap In is another day that the “Tap In Scholars” get a change to better themselves or try something new. The students have a unique opportunity to mix structure with choice. This opportunity is one that most do not have during school, and some do not have at home. The students start Tap In with a snack, which is followed by academic hour. Next, is enrichment hour which is the time the student choose from a variety of activities which include, but are limited to: board games, sports, art, online gaming, and cooking. The opportunity to become a better person does not stop with the “Scholars;”the site leaders and volunteers lives’ are enriched as well. The “Scholars” teach the staff new techniques that they are learning in school. They also learn techniques that the staff and volunteers use themselves to excel in school. The environment is an organic space that is ever evolving, and changing to meet the needs of the scholars. Anyone who has worked with or for the program will tell you that it was an unforgettable experience. Below are a few of the activities Tap In Scholars have an opportunity to participate in.




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