Douglass Branch PNG at local Weiskamp

20130709_160023 20130709_155237 20130709_155036 20130709_154836 20130709_154526 20130709_153833 20130709_153105 20130709_153015 20130709_152941 20130709_152935Project Next Generation kids from the Douglass Branch Library were guided on a tour of local design workshop Weiskamp. Weiskamp is a major custom shirt and apparel designer for the Champaign-Urbana area, and the University of Illinois. Weiskamp’s studios features a shirt printing press, glass and screen printing, and a digital design studio.

Kids were provided a tour of the process taken to produce custom designs for private customers. Common creations are caps, posters, canvas portraits, shirts & sweaters, glassed designs, website designs.

It was great that kids had an opportunity to speak with staff who informed them of their operations, education, and skills. Getting these messages in their hometown is a very fortunate opportunity and tangible impression. Maybe some kids may consider digital or mechanical design as their future educational or professional path.


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