Douglass Branch Library – Bike Assembly

Attaching a bike wheel

Attaching a bike wheel


20130627_16132620130627_16210120130627_162416At the Douglass Branch Library Project Next Generation program, middle school children participating in this year’s Summer semester we treated to the opportunity to build a bike at the library. 

The day’s exercise started with a scavenger hunt where pictures of bike parts (wheels,  handlebar, pedals, etc.) were scattered throughout the adjacent Douglass park during afternoon summer recess hours. PNG participants used GPS devices to track the location of bike parts throughout the park, under close mentor supervision.

Once all bike part pictures were collected, the the kids were challenged to figure out how to place the pictures together to form a bike. Afterwards, we rolled out the real thing, disassembled.

The PNG kids had a blast putting together the bike. It was great opportunity for them to build some engineering skills after using GPS technology earlier in the session. We also really enjoyed doing a library activity outside the library. This component was especially valuable as we (mentors) wanted to illustrate that library programs (and LIS) are not confined to just a library building, but the lessons taught, exploration, and innovation are LIS values that transform throughout one’s community and surroundings.

The attached pictures will show the kids building the bike into working shape. They were all eager to take a ride on the bike after completion.


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