Reel It UP!

This summer, the UP Center of Champaign County presents the Fourth Annual “Reel It UP!” This event is a film festival where the public views films to celebrate LGBT pride, history, community, and diversity through the art of film. It also allows the UP Center to promote our resources and educate the public on LGBT issues. In the past, “Reel It Up” has been a one-day event. This year, however, the UP Center wanted to reach a bigger audience and has booked the Art Theater Co-op for all four Tuesday nights in June. The new structure of this event is projected to showcase a wider variety of films to appeal to more audiences as well as offer multiple dates for those who could not make it to the day-long event in the past.

While not much has been finalized about the event, I will keep you all informed as we solidify plans.  We are very excited at how this event is evolving!  We are currently searching for potential films to show and are in need of diverse film choices related to the LGBT community (i.g. family friendly, political, erotic, racially diverse, kinks, sub-culture). Films that are feature-length (90 min max) and were made in 2011 or later are preferred.

If you are a filmmaker or know someone who might be interested in having the UP Center show their film for free or at discounted price please contact me at for more information on how to be a part of our community LGBT film festival.

Suggestions of films we should consider booking are also welcome!!


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