Dream Job Series at Douglass Branch Library

At Douglass Branch Library, Project Next Generation has begun a Dream Job series of projects and activities. Last week, we began with a brainstorming discussion with participating youth to inquire what is their idea of a dream job in the future. All kids had initially responded with an idea of being some sort of athlete. Our discussion then developed to envision what other options might they want to discover. Popular ideas were chef, videogame developer, broadcast journalist, veterinarian, and detective. The next step was to get the kids to consider what skills they would use for select dream jobs, and then think of one more job they could consider that would use those skills.

The purpose of the brainstorming activity was to get children think about what options, skills, and futures they could pursue in the future. The next step required that the kids search online for profiles of famous people performing discussed jobs, and what colleges specialize in training people for those jobs. Maryland and Connecticut were favored destinations.

In following days, the kids began working with online software, Audacity. Audacity would appeal to those seeking to work in broadcast journalism, and athletics. The kids would use Audacity to record themselves doing a broadcast of a basketball game or animal TV show. The next step was to take a video recording of simulated of kids acting out their dream job. Voice and video recordings are then matched together so each kid would have a file of their dream job in action on their flash drive.

The most recent task for their dream job was to look the part. This task required that the kids learn how to tie a necktie. This was an especially engaging activity, as kids all took turns reviewing YouTube clips showing them how to tie a tie, and then practicing the art on themselves, and then on the mentors.

The future is looking bright and distinguished.


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