Tech Activity for Kids: Creating Computer Animations with E-Toys

I have not posted about what has been going on at the Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center (UNCC) for a while, but things have been going pretty well! Despite a few more technical issues with some of the computers (which we are working on), we have been able to have several activity sessions with the kids in the after school program. Here is a detailed look at one of our activity sessions:

Creating and Animating Objects with E-Toys


  • Summary: In this session, we set the kids up with the E-Toys software, which we acquired for free from the University of Illinois Office of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education (MSTE). Using this software, the kids created images on the computer, much in the same way they would with Microsoft’s “Paint” application. After they finished creating their desired pictures and objects, we then showed the kids how to use the software to make their pictures and objects move around the screen, and even make noises. 

E-Toys Main Menu

  • Age Group: The kids who participated in this activity were all second and third graders.
  • Resources: The E-Toys software that we used for this activity session is available for free, and can be found here: E-Toys Download Page. More information about the E-Toys software, along with more examples of projects that it has been used for with grade school children can be found here: E-Toys Illinois Website. Also, information about the university’s Office of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education can be found on there website, here: MSTE Website.
  • Examples!!: Below are some examples of what the kids created during this activity session. So far I only have regular screenshot images to share of this project. I hope to eventually add links so that the animated versions can be viewed, as well!

A third grader’s project: flying sun, moon, and stars – they fly up and down over each other, and bounce of the top and bottom of the window.


Some of the participants, like this one, chose to create a more elaborate, non-animated image, practicing using the mouse and paint toolbar more. This project allowed for flexibility, accommodating various skill levels.


Some participants created images using the entire window, like this one. The creator of this image ultimately applied animation components that made the picture move across screen, like a screen saver image might.


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