Urbana Free Library’s New Teen Space

The Urbana Free Library auditorium has been turned into a fun and engaging environment in which there are multiple activities for youth happening simultaneously Tuesday through Thursday. There have been stations for playing musical instruments, making Fab Lab creations, drawing, playing board games, and producing media. Youth programming fosters self-expression and creativity while leading youth to create crafts, music, and new media messages. The focus is to introduce new ways to use technology, gain familiarity with emerging tools, and develop critical thinking skills.

The collaboration of teen librarians, the Community Ambassador, the Fab Lab, and GSLIS volunteers to provide unique programming for Urbana’s SPLASH after-school program on Wednesdays through Febrary 28 has proven to be a successful way to engage many young members of the community. At the same time, youth programming offered by Makerspace Urbana on Thursdays through March 14 is interesting teens in making small crafts and electronics as they bring their open community lab to the library. So far, crafts have included light-up robot pins, contact microphones, and synthesizers by soldering as well as didgeridoos (Australian wind instruments).

Stay tuned for audio and video projects!




Photo on 2-27-13 at 3.36 PM


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