Mini-Grant awarded for obtaining Youth Literature!

After we successfully prepped all of our books and media for circulation and inclusion on our account(, our Youth Coordinator at the UP Center showed concern regarding how few books in the space contained a youth-oriented reading level.  Thanks to the wonderful Mini-Grant feature of the Mix-IT-Up! grant, we wrote up a proposal for an acquisitions plan.  Currently, we have no funds for acquiring new books as an organization.  We rely on the donations of community members, many of which do not have a lot of youth literature.  Due to the overwhelming generosity of our donors as well as the desire to purchase more young adult books, we are in need of another bookshelf or two.  In our proposal, we allotted $50 for the purchase of shelves and the supplies needed to prep books for circulation.  Next, we requested $300 dollars for immediate use on purchasing approximately 15-20 new books (based on price, of course).  The remaining $200 requested has been generously given to the center as an acquisitions budget used throughout the year to purchase items specifically requested by youth.  Thank you, Mix-IT-Up!, for helping our center better serve the needs of our county’s LGBT youth!

For those of you interested in sources we are using to find our desired material, here are a few:

These are lists of books that have been nominated for awards by the GLBT Round Table of the American Library Association:
This filter allows you to search all book reviews by the GLBTRT via the Youth tag:

Here is the bibliography of YA books with LGBT content by Christine Jenkins at U of I.


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