Progress and Volunteer Opportunities at UNCC

The Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center (UNCC) is a nonprofit community center located on Main Street in East Urbana.  Cat Calcagno (Mix IT Up! Scholar) has been working with UNCC since Spring to help them figure out how to provide more productive and educational technology activities for the children in the after school program. The solution that resulted from a collaboration of ideas between Cat and UNCC staff was to create technology “workshops” for the children in the after school program. These workshops will essentially be a series of activities designed for the kids involving digital media and technology. The children in the after school program that will be participating in the workshops are between the ages of 6 and 11. Children in the program will be split into two groups, according to grade level. Each of these groups will participate in separate, age-appropriate activity sessions on alternating weeks.
Up to this point, workshops have not yet been started because most of the work at UNCC has been setting up the computers (which were recently cleaned-up) and troubleshooting/solving computer issues in preparation for the children to use them. We only have about 2 or 3 remaining computers with unresolved issues, which we hope to get fixed in the next week or two.
We are currently seeking volunteers! Below are some descriptions of the type of help that is currently being sought for this project:
Computer Maintenance 

  • Volunteers are welcome to help with fixing and helping maintain the computers. Currently, this work is somewhat limited and would involve helping to troubleshoot and solve the remaining computer errors.

Run Workshops/Work with Kids (NEEDED MOST)

  •  Seeking volunteers to help work with the kids at UNCC and to run the workshops.

Workshop Creation & Planning (NEEDED MOST)

  • Seeking people who are interested in helping come up with activity ideas for the kids and/or helping turn activity ideas into lesson plans, which will be implemented during the workshops.
Work at UNCC is currently being done once a week on Thursdays between 3:00 and 6:00 P.M. However, this schedule can be changed and potential volunteers are encouraged to provide availability.
Volunteers who are interested in helping with any or all of these opportunities should contact Cat Calcagno by email at

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